• Oil Spills

    Cleaning up spilled oil is as old as mankind. Natural products – such as sand, leaves, clay and hair – have been in use forever.

  • Synthetic Slow Absorption

    Since the 1980’s, synthetic, oil-based sorbents have taken over the market, though absorption rates remain low and slow.

    Synthetic sorbents are in fact as toxic as the oil they remove. Using synthetic sorbents moves pollution from one contaminated site to befoul another.

  • Global Problem

    On a global scale between 180,000 and 240,000 oil spills, or about 40 to 100 million liters, occur annually.

Welcome to EcoBasalt

EcoBasalt Ltd. is a young company that has brought together accomplished scientists and business executives. We produce a unique oil sorbent material
1. “SB-1” made of basalt fibers from volcanic rock.

2. “SB-1” will provide a dramatic improvement in the tackling of oil spills.

3. “SB-1” can adsorb all types of oil. Independent tests have proven its superior performance (speed) and efficiency (adsorption rate) when compared to the use of competing methods and products
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. ."
- Albert Einstein

Lab Test

3-minute movie showing the oil adsorption capabilities of SB-1.

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How it Works

SB-1 can adsorb up to 75x its own weight in oil within 30 minutes

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SB-1, the Preferred Sorbent

Adsorbed oil can be removed, and the used SB-1 can be recycled

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